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Mini Bernedoodles

  • Reservation fees are $500 and come from the final balance due at 7 weeks via Venmo/Credit Card or cash at pick up.

  • Puppy selections are made by video/pictures at the buyer's discretion. 

  • Individual Video & picture updates are made once a week, besides some small snapshots throughout the week.

  • Pick up at eight weeks after vet clearances.

  • Pick-up Dates will be provided two weeks before then so you can make arrangements. Families are not allowed to our home until the scheduled pick-up day.

  • 1st breeding by Durin & Bougie, Creating a F3b Multi-generation 

  • Multigene is usually a 50/50 or 60/40 split of each Bernese or poodle parent breed. Breeding several f1 (50/50) to create the f2, and then bred to another f1, to create the f3.

  • Please note: This is our first year breeding MINI bernedoodles; you can scroll through and see our standards on social media sites.

  • Once a deposit is submitted, we will send you our FB families group to join for updates and to see our previous litters and puppies.

  • Please review our previous Facebook and Instagram posts to see our previous litters. Facebook has individual albums for each adult dog.

Tri / Parti / Sable $3,000

Puppies BORN 3/20 | Go home 5/16

Make a $500 non-refundable but transferable deposit here. There is a $20 fee added to Paypal. Please use Venmo for no fee. 

Venmo: @Lyr-Edwards. (Last four digits 4094)

Contact us for a Credit Card Invoice, including a 4% fee.


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Meet  The Puppies

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