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F2b Mini Bernedoodle

Meet Durin, our adorable f2b mini Bernedoodle! He's from a line known for consistent sizing. Right now, he's a cool 31 pounds and stands at 15 inches tall. His parents are 35 and 38 pounds, and none of their offspring have tipped the scales past 40 pounds. Plus, Durin's got worldwide shipping available for his semen! 🌎🐾

wonderland's durin

Mini Poodle

Introducing Rolex, the Phantom Merle White Mini Poodle! With roots from the esteemed Dugan lines, his pedigree boasts OFA CHIC health-tested dogs. He's not just handsome; he's also outgoing and family-friendly. 🐩🌟


Standard Poodle

Meet Mahi, the stunning Merle Parti Poodle from the renowned Dugas lines. With "Good" OFA hips and a lineage tracing back to OFA CHIC dogs, he's a picture of health. Not just a pretty face, Mahi is also trained as a skilled bird retriever and has passed all his Canine Good Citizen tests through AKC. 🐾🌟

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