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Sheepadoodle breeder florida

I'm Lyric, fulfilling roles as an owner, trainer, breeder, mother, and devoted dog mom!

My journey as a dog trainer began at the age of 13, under the guidance of a mentor. By the time I was 15, I founded STONEHAVEN K9 Training with my mentor, and over the past thirteen years, our training program has flourished continuously.


Now, I'm a mother to two wonderful children, a daughter, and a son, and happily married to Christopher. Together, we care for our twelve beautiful dogs, and you'll have the pleasure of meeting, Chris, as he works with me from home. I come from a lineage of esteemed dog breeders, and ten years ago, I ventured into breeding with champion-bred Chinese Cresteds and our doodles, we also breed American XL Bullies.


Our bloodlines boast proven service dogs, ensuring impeccable temperaments for family dogs and matching service prospects with their new handlers to the best of our ability. My devotion to my family and dogs knows no bounds. My discerning eye for temperament has elevated my training career, yielding well-balanced dogs suitable for work or as cherished pets.


The well-being and training of our dogs are paramount. We strive to earn titles for our dogs in tests such as Canine Good Citizen, Urban Canine, Community Canine, and even Duck Hunting Retrieval for some of our poodles. Our dogs thrive in an environment where they can run, play, and socialize daily in a large pack of ten or more. They exhibit a well-rounded, cheerful demeanor with other animals and people. Our adult dogs are extensively socialized with people, other dogs, and children of all ages. They regularly visit public locations to uphold their training and exhibit a positive temperament for each breeding prospect.


Continuously evolving, our program receives significant investment in housing, care, upkeep, and training. We meticulously select families who share our commitment and attention to detail in providing a loving home for our puppies. When contacting us, please ask questions that are not addressed on our website. We aim to provide comprehensive information to prospective owners amidst our busy schedules.


For us, it's not just about making a sale; it's about welcoming you into our extended family and nurturing a lasting relationship as your new addition grows.


We pride ourselves on being one of the few breeders committed to extensive health testing (OFA & DNA) for our breeding dogs and devoting quality time to our program and puppies.

Our Home Location is: 676 Rabbit Run Rd, Youngstown Fl, 32466, please do NOT show up without a scheduled appointment time with Lyric.

Hey Y'all, I'm
Lyric & this is our family

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