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Mini Whoodles

Whoodle babes READY

Puppy selections are made by video/pictures at the buyer's discretion. 

  • Once a deposit is submitted, we will send you our FB families group to join for updates and to see previous litter and puppies.

  • Papaya, our fabulous 22-pound f1 mini whoodle, paired up with our charming 15-pound merle phantom Mini Poodle, Rolex. Together, they create the sought-after f1b Mini Whoodle, which is 75% poodle and 25% wheaten, in various delightful colors like silver, blue merle, and sable merle, blue merle with tan points. This is their 2nd litter together. There's been consistent feedback regarding this mix of both options. Previous litters haven't yielded any puppies weighing over 25 pounds at maturity. The majority typically fall within the 22 to 23-pound range, with a few outliers around 18 pounds.

Puppies born 3/19 | READY TO GO HOME.

If you are able to pick up within 2 days, there is no reservation fee.

Florida Mini Whoodles



new families


Meet The Puppies

Reserved Puppies Removed & Updated to their families. Send us a message for any updated videos! 239.810.4094 

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