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Selecting Puppies Remotely

Some of our families have already picked their puppies based on videos and photos. We changed our process last year: instead of in-person visits at six weeks old and then returning at 8 weeks, families will now be selecting puppies remotely. 😉

📌 Here are some tips for choosing your puppy from pictures and videos at six weeks old:

1️⃣Watch videos of the litter as they've been growing. See which puppies are engaged, playing, or sleeping. Videos have been posted in the families group WEEKLY.

2️⃣Don't hesitate to ask about any puppy you're interested in. We can post videos of your top picks to help you make your decision easier.

3️⃣If I have insights into your family life and household dynamics, I would take any suggestions I offer about not choosing a specific puppy seriously, rather than dismissing them.

4️⃣I have a good understanding of your family and household dynamic, I can provide you with a top three list of puppies whose emerging personalities I believe would be a good match for you when the time comes to make your selection.

5️⃣ it's important to keep in mind that puppy personalities evolve on a weekly basis. The puppy you're considering now might experience temperament shifts as they encounter new challenges and experiences in the world.

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