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During the puppy phase, Sheepadoodles are prone to some nuisance behaviors such as herding. It’s important to remember that this breed comes from the Old English Sheepdog, which is genetically predisposed to herd. While these puppies are not being aggressive, they will herd, chase, and nip at anyone running, especially children, unless you intervene with early training. Once you get past this stage, Sheepadoodles become well-rounded and very adaptable. Many of our Sheepadoodles have become started service dogs, and companions for seniors and young children.

Training is a critical factor for this breed. Sheepadoodles are extremely intelligent and will take advantage of a new owner who lacks discipline. We highly recommend starting with early puppy training classes in groups, then progressing to more advanced group classes as they age. You might also consider a board-and-train program to learn how to control your pup as they grow. Nothing is a better stepping stone for you both than being educated with training and building a solid foundation together. Feel free to send us any inquires on the breed as we own a dog training business as well as breed these great companion dogs.

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